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5 Handy Travel Buys

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

1. CARRY ON LUGGAGE: Are you like me I could be going away for just 1 week, but yet I have 10 dresses, 10 pants, 4 pairs of shoes just in case etc., and expect all that to fit in my carry on. And most cases I only end up wearing about 4 of the pieces by mixing and matching right.

Now when travelling, my main goal is to carry minimal as possible, making sure I don't have to carry a check in. I just bought this bad boy, it was perfect for my 7 day trip to Jamaica, I was able to place 1 pair of walking shoes, 1 pair of dressy shoes, 7 days worth of underwear's, 1 bra that converts to strapless, 3 dresses, 3 tops 3 bottoms, 4 different color tank tops. All my toiletries, transferred into the allowed travel size containers, and all my accessories - (only ended up wearing my favorite copper necklace my son gave me from Tanzania). This carry on suitcase is super light, holds a lot, and it's TSA approved.


2. OH NO MY PHONE IS ABOUT TO DIE!- There's nothing worse than reaching your destination and you only have a small percent of battery life remaining, if only I didn't take all those useless videos of the clouds (don't judge). Now when I need to make a call I can't use it. I need to let my family know I got to my destination OK. Or I need to let my son know I've just landed, and to meet him outside JFK. - (I can't tell when last we went into parking garage for a pick up, thanks to the flight tracking apps). Well, I've just discovered this marvelous gadget What a life saver. It's a High Speed Charger it delivers the fastest possible charge, and what's cool about this is that it recharges itself in 10 hours with a 2 amp charger, while normal phone chargers generally use 1 amp and may take up to 20 hours, who's got the time to waste I need to chit chat now, and take a photo of that strange bug in my hotel room that looks like a leaf.


3. I'M FREEZING!- What's the point of an A/C control knob over my head, if it's still freezing on the plane. Ladies, this item is just for us, men always seem to dress appropriate for the freeze on the plane, because we've got everything stuffed in our suitcase, we don't have room to carry our heavy blanket too. So I bought this wonderful wrap/shawl in pink. Ladies, it's sooooo soft, made from Micro-modal, perfect for keeping warm on the plane. It's got pockets to keep my tissues, for some reason my nose runs in the cold, and it's big enough to drag over your head for intense warmth and comfort. It's now part of my wardrobe count, also great to wear around the city when it's a bit nippy.


4. TRAVELLING WITH BOOBY BOO BOO. Flying to Grandma's for the Holidays? All the family is going to be there, so how could you possibly leave Booby Boo Boo behind. Look at those beautiful eyes. I found the perfect Approved Airline Pet Carrier especially designed for your pets comfort. it can expand to give your pet baby plenty leg room to stretch while resting under the seat.


5. KEEP STILL! DON'T KICK THE CHAIR! SIT DOWN! I no longer have small children, but when mine was small, we use to travel everywhere, I would have to find stuff to entertain him with, especially the trip home to England for 7 hours, well, say the first 3 before he fell asleep, but before then he would be trying to escape from his belt wiggling, sliding under, wanting to walk around or spy on the people behind us. One good thing, he was not a screamer. Wished they had this harness back in the day, what a great idea, it's much safer than the lap belts, and most importantly is that it's FAA approved.

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